Happy Birthday!!

I was invited over to Ethan and Kaden's birthday party last week, to take some family portraits. Ethan turned 5 and Kaden turned 1 just days apart. Here is the happy family!

Ethan was WAY more interested in shots like this!! I don't blame him. ;)

Posing here, with big Sister, Lexi.

The fam

Every time they would say, "Kaden is SO BIG!!!", he'd bust out a smile and a pose like this.

Ethan had to have a photo playing video games. He was cracking me up. He has quite the conversations with the characters while he is playing.

Big Baby Blues

This is what he wanted to do with the balloon

I LOVE funny outtakes like this.


A few snapshots of cake and present time

Look at all these clothes!!!

Love this expression!

One of my favs. Right before they plopped him into the bath!

For my friend, Ryan.

Big Sister got a few photos in, too.

As usual, I can't decide which one I like more, so I included both.

Love these eyes!!!!!!


Announcing Jacob Smith

Welcome Jacob! Mommy and Daddy have an Americana decorated home. I incorporated many of their signs into his newborn session. Here is his original birth announcement. You are so loved, baby Jacob!


Baby Jake

Welcome to the world, Baby Jake! My best friend, Jessica welcomed her second beautiful baby boy into the world on Wednesday. Here he is only five days old. There will be more photos of him to come later, but I just had to share these few right away. Congrats Jessica and Jeromey!! ;)

If any of you remember Jackson, he looks SO MUCH like him here!!

My favorite