***Edited - Re-posted above on April 7, 2006*** Go BEARS!!! - This one is for Daddy!!!
Oh, Jax!!! He is such a doll! This is my best friend's son. He was so happy and playful during our session. We had a great time. His mom is so cool and laid back (which is why I love her so much), that she let him go completely loose in a mud puddle!!! I loved it, she loved it, and most importantly HE loved it. It was hilarious....even when I got slung with mud!! :) THIS is the type of sessions I want to offer future clients. I just love the idea of capturing everyday moments. I'm not all about props and backdrops. We spent the day doing what he does. He showed me some toys, we went for a walk to see the cows next door, we played outside, and then we cleaned him up. It was perfect!!!! Jessica, thanks for letting me practice on Jax. I hope you love these photos as much as I do!!

This is when you know the session is done! lol



This is a diaper bag tag. How cute?!?!?10 x 20 storyboards I received the one of Tuff shown a few posts below, and I was THRILLED with the quality. I adore these things, and can imagine going overboard in my home with them. They come mounted and lustre coated. I just LOVE them!!!

Birth Announcements. I have bunches of these for boys and girls.

These are all products that I can design for you. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these during or after our shoot!


Introducing Raegan Lynn!

Isn't she such a scrumptious, adorable, sweet, little doll face angel?!?!?!?! What an honor it was to be allowed to take photographs of little Raegan Lynn, on just her 6th day in this wonderful world!! Her mom, Rae, and I go back to college (um, and high school, too?). Oh my, I just had a flash back to how we met. I was in college, and she was in high school. It is definitely not a story for this blog. hehehehehe I'm so glad we are friends, though!!!

Anyhow, I offered to come over and take pics of Raegan as a gift to her mom. Actually, the shoot wasn't really the gift. That will be coming later (and I think she'll love it!!!). Rae and Tom, thank you both so much for allowing me this experience. You were both such troopers, and I can tell what excellent parents you already are! Raegan is not only the most precious little girl, ever, but she's a lucky one, too! I can' wait to see her again. Be on the lookout for more of Raegan this year. I'm doing her 6 month and 1 year photographs, as well!


More of my nieces.....

I just ordered my first storyboard!!! :)

I love my baby and his adorableness. He goes from goofy, to inquisitive, to serious, all in a matter of seconds. Click to see full size.


Justin's Photo Shoot

My brother Justin came home for the weekend. He agreed to let me photograph him in my first pseudo-photo shoot. These were taken in downtown Valparaiso and at my parent's house.