Another Gorgeous Family!

I had such a FUN time with this family! The girls are so awesome. Mom and I went out to scout locations the night before, and had quite a good time. ;) Mom and Dad were up for anything (thanks, Dad!). So, here's a little sneak peak for you. I'll have your gallery up soon! :)


Baby Ian - 3 months

I had the pleasure of photographing little Baby Ian again! He is now 3 months old, and has changed so much! He gave me SUCH a range of expressions, and I loved every minute of it. I could have posted the entire session!!

The loving family!

Christening gown made by Grandma! BEAUTIFUL!!

Okay, how can you NOT think this this is hilarious? I mean look at how serious he looks?!?!?!

So peaceful.

I LOVE silly baby faces! They're the best.

He looks like a little model here! :)

Big Blue Eyes!!!

Little "E" had the BIGGEST blue eyes I have ever seen! They are just gorgeous!!
She was one happy camper, which made my job easy.

To the rest of you waiting for your previews.....they will be up before I go to sleep! Promise!! :)

I've been a bit behind......

and just a little stressed! My computer was down for over 24 hours, and then once I got it back up and running - BAM! The worst storm I've ever seen rolled into town, and we were out of power for the night. I heard there were over 100,000 people in the area still without power, so I'm really thankful that ours is up and running. I had planned to finish up all of my session in the past two days, so I could dedicate the rest of my time to getting ready for school to start. So much for that idea.

I start school in less than one week, and my classroom is NOW (as in an hour ago) just ready to be moved into. My new classroom = renovated trailer. Nice. Everything thing I own is in boxes!! Yikes!!

For those of you waiting for your previews, not to fear! They are on their way!! I'm going to have them up before I go to school to start unpacking. Be looking for them in the next hour or so!!

Thanks for being patient! :)


Look into A Session - Summer '07 Tabby

Tabby's senior photos are being taken in 4 parts - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Her Spring photos were featured earlier, and we just wrapped up her Summer photo shoot. Every now and again, I'd like to give my clients a look into a full session. Here is the complete Summer Senior Session! You'll notice that I have played around with different versions of some photos. Every photo is individually edited, however, there are times when I feel a photo would look good with more than one type of treatment. I've included the different versions of the photos, just as I would in a client's online gallery. My new favorite treatment is on the photo below. I've added a texture/blur that I think makes the photo look like a painting.