Dance = Tabetha

My niece, Tabby, attends dances like it is her job. Her friends, bless their hearts, always DO have the job of getting her ready. The blog post here starts out with some randomness.

A couple of pretty hair shot.

Mom, yes, Mom sporting the white pumps and ankle socks. This is for you, Lauren!!!

Apparently, the night before, these were killer white pumps. I felt the need to document them. :)

Hmmmm....Tabby, I see some hidden meaning behind this. I know who this baseball is from. It happens to be perched upon a fancy glass called the "Loving Cup". You know it's meant to be, stop fighting it. I'll start planning the wedding now, -K-?

This girl is an eyelash pro. Here she is so expertly applying glue to her eye with, yes, an earing. I will totally be using this trick next time I attempt to do this.

My FAVORITE photo. L-O-V-E it!!!


Meet Melissa, a.k.a Leslie Weaver. Seriously, this will be getting its own blog post soon.

We fly high, no lie, and you know this.....

Tabby went to Prom at my alma mater.....with little Jesse F.!!! Okay, he's not so little anymore, but this kid and I rode the bus together. He was so little back then.

Jesse had hat hair, so Melissa whipped out the flat-iron. Boys need primping, too!

Love you Tabs!!!!!!!!!!


My Heart is Heavy Tonight

Dustin Farnum was a good friend to my husband and I. He passed away last night leaving his wife, Alicia, and two beautiful daughters, Alexis and Roury, behind. Words cannot express how badly my heart is breaking over this tragedy, and I just want to send my deepest sympathy and condolences to Alicia and the girls. Dustin was hands-down one of the happiest, sweetest, funniest, and most genuine guys you would ever meet. He loved his family and his life with a passion. This is a shock to everyone, and he is missed incredibly. I just don't understand life sometime, and I can't pretend to understand this. This world spins lighter today, as it has suffered the loss of a wonderful husband, father, and dear friend. Dustin, you will never be forgotten. We miss you so much.


Kylee as Wendy

Kylee reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan in this set of photos. Actually, she first had on a tinkerbell costume, so maybe that is why I had this stuck in my head. However, she must have had a definitive idea of the look she was going for, because she quickly nixed the three dress up outfits she had put on, and then settled on this nightgown.....at 4:30 in the afternoon. Her Mom and Dad just spent a month or so remodeling her room in their new home. It is DARLING!!! She loves it. Mom wasn't home, and I did kind of encourage the bed-jumping, so hopefully she doesn't kill me when she sees these. How could she, right? They are just too precious!!! If you invite me to come to your home for a photo session, here is a little sneak peak into what I like to capture....FUN!! I should probably work a warning into my artist's bio about stuff like this.

My first silhouette! I'm in love!!!

Tuff & Tipsy - The Cutest Partners In Crime

I love my babies!!!! I've heard so much about shooting right before sunset. Every photographer raves about the light. I decided to plop myself down in my lawn with my two rambunctious boxers and see what this was all about. Well, I'm convinced. The light is just **dreamy**!!!

Tipsy (almost 2)
Tuff (my first born/4)

As you can see, I am playing around with my watermarks, so bear with me as they change design and color.