Featured Sessions

Business is starting to take off. I'd like to give my future clients an example of a complete, proofed session. You can expect approx. 30 proofed images from you final session. Below are links to two featured sessions.

The "G" Girls

Lulu Marie ;)

This isn't really THAT much different from what I normally post, since I always post a TON of images....I just can't pick. But, from here on out, I'll be giving my customers sneak peaks at their images on here. So, the number of photos will be cut down to just a few. :(

I really don't know how I'll ever decide. Narrowing down choices is the HARDEST part of proofing a session!!


3 darlings

I know Mom is anxious to see these. Unfortunately, the family has been having a rough few days. I hope these cheer her up, even a little. How could these three beauties not put a smile on your face? Becky, your girls are pure angels. Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of photographing them!! :) I'll be thinking of you all.



Sooooooooo, I take, edit, and post WAAAAAAAAAAY too many photos. I just can't help myself. Isn't this girl a beauty??? She was my first official senior client. She and I went on a little adventure through the countryside of our town. We started at some railroad tracks and just found little places along the way to stop and take photos. I absolutely LOVED it!! I usually post photos in a more organized fashion, but my computer is angry at me tonight and I couldn't see the photos as I was uploading them. Don't mind the randomness. I know Jackie has been waiting for me to get these up here, so here they are!! I hope you like them! You were so wonderful to work with. Thanks for being up for anything! Muah!


Introducing Gavin Gene + Family


Baby wrinkles make my heart melt.

Daddy was such a good sport. Love the wrinkly bottom!!!

One of my favorites. She is simply smitten by her first born.

AHH!!!! I just ADORE this one!

Sarah and Max welcomed little baby Gavin into the world 5 weeks early! I had the pleasure of photographing him at 5 weeks old, and he was still only 6 pounds! This little guy was just so darling....such a sleepy, happy baby. Not only are his parents awesome, so are his big brothers!! They were so loving and affectionate with little Gavin. It was so neat to watch Mom, Dad, and big brothers love on him. Thanks for having me in your home for the photo session. I can't wait for his 6 month photos!!